Environmental Statement



Care For The Environment 

We care about the environment and we are aware of the impact the manufacturing and distribution of our products have on the world we live in. We are not perfect, but each year we will strive to improve, to reduce our energy consumption and the amount of waste we create.




Our Products

We aim to make excellent quality products, that can be enjoyed for many years without needing to be replaced. Most of our products are made from stainless steel. Steel wears very slowly, is clean to manufacture, and is fully recyclable.




Our Packaging

We are reviewing our packaging constantly. All our products come in fully recyclable packaging. However, many of our items are wrapped in a small polyethylene bag to keep the items clean. We are steadily removing the plastic from our packaging with the intention of being plastic-free.

All our new cutlery patterns now come in plastic-free boxes, with the cutlery wrapped in paper rather than placed in a plastic bag. This is more expensive for us, especially in a competitive market, but we believe it is a price well worth paying. When we create new products, we aim to package products attractively in an environmentally friendly way.


Our Facilities

Our new facilities are constantly upgraded to reduce our environmental footprint. In 2020 we installed several electrical car charging points as we steadily switch our car fleet from petrol to electric.

Whilst we have planted a large hedge around our entire perimeter to provide shelter to small animals, we have also planted a large number of flowers and trees around the site to attract honey bees. Part of the site is given over to wildflowers, which provides food for rabbits and other small animals.


We run a cycle to work scheme, our site has various lock-up facilities and we make available several fleet bikes available to all members of staff. We actively encourage our staff to ditch their cars. Our sales manager has also raised money for charity with his bike runs from home.

There are many more things we can do to improve our site, particularly with electricity generation and as we use less energy and resources, our company will become more profitable…..so watch this space!