Working for Grunwerg



Our Vision

To be recognised as the leading supplier in the distribution of innovative, premium stainless steel kitchenware brands to the UK and International Housewares industry.


Strategic Goals

•    To source and stock the best and most appropriate product range for current consumer attitudes and trends
•    To have a strong, undeniable reputation for our high-class premium stainless-steel offerings  
•    To fully support our customers and staff, helping them to grow and achieve their maximin potential
•    To maintain and continue to create our renowned reputation for being a loyal, friendly, family-run business






Additional Objectives

People – An Enjoyable and Rewarding Place to Work   

Grunwerg are proud to remain a family-run business, which transcends across the whole business environment; the way our teams work together and the way we treat and respect all employees and customers. We want to ensure all our Grunwerg family find their roles challenging, rewarding and enjoyable, both in their work life and personal.


Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

Grunwerg prides itself on our long-standing customer satisfaction, with many customers working together, with us, for over a decade. We are committed to maintaining and continuing to develop 100% customer satisfaction with all business and customer shareholders, be they long-standing or a new addition to the business.







As a successful and traditional company, Grunwerg holds a responsibility to support and encourage charity work. We regularly donate money to local charities and hospices in the area, supporting those in need that are close to us.






Grunwerg are committed to paying above the national minimum wage and the national living wage. We ensure all our team members are paid competitively.

Quarterly Bonus Scheme 

To regularly reward our staff, we run a discretionary bonus scheme. These bonuses are calculated by company profits and given to staff every quarter. To guarantee equality across the board, all staff members receive the same bonus regardless of their position and role.

Staff Discount Scheme

Grunwerg believes in the products we sell, so as well as using them throughout the offices, we also want to enable all our staff to be able to use them at home in their personal time. We offer all our products to our staff at cost price giving them this opportunity.







Cycle to Work Scheme

Grunwerg are passionate about encouraging positive mental and physical wellbeing. We encourage staff to cycle to work, with many current staff members taking advantage of our cycle to work scheme. We have sheltered lock up facilities and showers on site, and the end of every month features our Friday bike club, staff are encouraged to cycle in, then cycle to the pub! 








Staff Facilities   

Grunwerg believes that work should be sociable and enjoyable. We want to have the best staff facilities in the region. Our common areas feature a staff canteen, patio with BBQ (for summertime), as well as a pool table, table tennis table and dartboard. We maintain a small on-site gym and a lounge with game consoles.
We take pride in the appearance of the site. Offices and common areas are kept clean and tidy and much of the site has been given over to grassy areas, flowers, and hedgerows have also been planted.