Knife Guide

It can be quite confusing and sometimes stressful when it comes to buying the right knives for you, especially if you are looking for your first set. Advice from friends and family may be very helpful, or it can make choices even more confusing. It can also be baffling when it comes to taking care of your knives. 

So the two important choices you need to make are:

  • Choosing the RIGHT knives for you
  • Taking good care of your knives so they last longer

Here, we hope you will learn more about the different types of knives we have, when they are needed and how to care for them. Don’t panic, we will make this very simple and clear for you!

So firstly, what are you looking for?

Your first knife set

If you are buying your first set of knives (very exciting times!) then you need to think about the types of food you cook the most. What knife do you find yourself needing? Small cooks knife, utility knife? Take a look at our infographic below to help you decide!

Choosing your first set of knives

Are you ready to expand?

So you already have the basic knives you like to use every day, but you feel you need to invest in a more specific knife style to do the job your other knives can’t do? It could be a filleting knife, vegetable chopper, peeler, Santoku?

Adding to your collection

Now you may know what style of knife you need, but which brand to turn to? How much money do you want to spend?

We have a range of great brands that are worth investing into. We do advise that you look around, and if you get the opportunity to feel the knives before you buy- we highly recommend you do so. Some knives have different handles, weights, sharpness and qualities.

You also need to know your budget and how much you are willing to pay for your knives. If you go for a range £10-£60, they do get the job done, and they can last you up to 10 years. Here is our range of Kitchen knives.

If you want extremely sharp knives, made from very high quality stainless steel that will last you 10+ years, investing in our premium knives will be worth it in the long run.


For a little extra help… here are the types of knives you need based on the main kitchen techniques:

The Cook’s/Chef’s knife has a curved blade which is ideal for chopping and dicing. This knife is the most common choice amongst consumers and is great for everyday meal preparation.

If you are looking for a knife to accurately slice bread, bread buns, cakes, etc. then a bread knife or a slicing knife will be the right choice.

The best knife for carving meat, poultry and fish is a carving knife. A carving knife ensures fine delicate slices in a single stroke.  

If you want to slice, dice and chop meat or vegetables, a vegetable knife or a Santoku knife would be suitable. 

To cut types of food in half, such as fruits, deserts, even sausages… you would need a utility knife or a serrated tomato knife.

Peeling & slicing 
There is always at least one type of food in every meal that you need to peel! Could be a potato, lemon, apple, carrots… A paring knife or a peeler is the perfect choice.

Fish and meat prep can be very difficult, even if you know how! To fillet a fish or to prepare your chicken from scratch, you need a knife that is thin, precise, and flexible. So you would need a Boning or filleting knife for this.

Now you are ready to shop! Find your nearest store here.

For tips on how to care for your knives, click here!