Ashwood & Tamahagane knives 'star' in Exclusively Digital 2021 Trend Tour video

Wednesday, 22 July 2020
Ashwood & Tamahagane knives 'star' in Exclusively Digital 2021 Trend Tour video

Grunwerg is delighted to have been amongst the select few who have been featured in their "So on Trend Exclusively" Trend Tours - in particular the 'EARTH AGE' Trend Tour Video. The recommended trending products in this category are Ashwood & Tamahagane brands of premium kitchen knives which are the stars in this Exclusively Digital 2021 Trend Tour. Please click on the link below to watch the video:


Ashwood knives
The distinct hammered texture on the Ashwood range offers a unique design whilst prevent food from sticking to the edges of the knife during use. Then of course, there’s the wooden handles made from real Ashwood – which is primarily known for its dependable and robust qualities as well as its versatility and contemporary looks, coupled here with hardened German steel blades. Click here to view the range.


Tamahagane San Tsubame
The hammered finish blade on the Tamahagane range contrast beautifully with the black Micarta handles. Tamahagane knives are made in the Kataoka factory in Niigata, Japan. Crafted using the finest 3-ply steel, distinct of the Kataoka region, utilising ancient Japanese swordmaking techniques recreated via modern technology. ‘San’ 3-ply steel blades are made by repeatedly rolling the steel, to extract all impurities, creating a much more durable and harder blade that will last significantly longer. The layered steel and hammered finish not only looks aesthetically beautiful, it also helps with food release during use. Click here  to view the range.