Our Top 10 Products This Christmas

Tuesday, 15 December 2020
Our Top 10 Products This Christmas

The year 2020 has bought about many elements of uncertainty, but we are determined not to let Christmas be one of them.

With many joyful hospitality venues still anticipated to be closed, or operating at a lower capacity this festive season, most people are trying to organise an alternative solution to carry out the festive celebrations.

We have picked out our top 10 product ideas that are perfect for this particularly unique holiday season! Please click the headings to shop the range!

Global Knives 35th Anniversary Collection

This year we have been celebrating 35 years of Global Knives, and what better way to celebrate than to launch an Anniversary Collection. Going back to our roots, you can shop 10 of our best-selling knives from the Classic series. We have made them affordable and accessible, for both those who are already fans of Global, and those new users. This Christmas, give the gift of Global!


Rockingham Forge Ceramic Whetstones

Alongside our award-winning Global Knives, we also have a comprehensive range of Whetstones, perfect for knife sharpening! With different types of stones and different thicknesses of grit, whatever design of knife you need to sharpen, be it a general kitchen knife or top-level chef’s knife, we have a whetstone for every occasion. 


Safe-D Knives

Specially developed to promote safety in the kitchen, the new Rockingham Forge SAFE-D knife promotes a series of rounded tip knives. They are designed to improve safety and lower the risk of injury from traditional pointed knives, whilst still retaining the same sharp cutting blade. An ideal gift for those who are introducing their children to the kitchen! Click here and here to view.


Pioneer Food Flasks

Pioneer food flasks use innovative vacuum seal technology guaranteed to keep your food hot or cold. With an unbreakable outer body and stainless-steel interior, you can guarantee long-lasting durability. Manufactured to be entirely leak-free, we have a range of food flasks to fit your needs, perfect for walks, lunches on the go, sporting events or outdoor get-togethers! With exceptional performance, style, and even a hand spoon slotted into the lid; the Pioneer Food Flasks would make a great gift from children to adults alike.





Planning on lots of winter walks this year? Look the part with the stylish and practical DrinkPod vacuum capsule flasks and coffee mugs! Trendy and eco-friendly, our durable double-wall vacuum insulated construction means our flasks and coffee mugs will last years and not end up in landfills like single-use plastic cups. A perfect stocking filler and good for the environment!


Cheese Board

Crazy for cheese? A cheese board is a staple at Christmas, and since this time of year is all about spreading festive cheer, our 5-in-1 deluxe bamboo multi-boards would make a fantastic gift for a cheese fanatic. Sustainable, natural, and hardwearing, this board is the perfect gift that can be used on every occasion. 


Children's Cutlery Sets

Designed and produced with small hands and mouths in mind, our Children’s cutlery sets are perfect for brightening up mealtimes, and an excellent gift for both parents and little ones. With specially designed packaging and classic Windsor pattern, this 4-piece set contains knife, fork, spoon, and teaspoon, all made out durable and shiny 18/10 stainless steel.



Wine Accessories

Make the most out of your festive wine with our extensive wine accessory collection. Our classic design 4-piece wine set includes a waiter’s knife, wine stopper, wine pourer and wine collar; ensuring you have all your wine necessities. Displayed in a velvet-lined bamboo gift box, it is the perfect Christmas present which will bring enjoyment for years to come.



Fruit Infuser Jug

Our fruit infuser jugs are the perfect gift for someone who loves summer garden parties and picnics. Whether you want to create a jug of Pimm’s, simple fruit-infused water, or even just add some ice, you can enjoy your drinks without the hassle of inhaling any fruit or ice remains! 



There is no better way to start a wintery morning than a warm cup of coffee. Guaranteed to give you a richer taste, better mouthfeel, and an all-round better brew, our comprehensive cafetiere collection features our famous brands Café Ole and Café Stal. With a range of fantastic designs, including Art Deco and Floral styles, we have a cafetiere for everyone! 

If you are interested in any of the products mentioned, please visit our trade website at trade.grunwerg.co.uk/products,send an email to marketing@grunwerg.co.uk, or contact your dedicated sales rep. 

We wish you all a fabulous festive season!