New Products Available Now!

New Products Available Now!

New DrinkPod range in fashionable metallic colours to mix and match!

'Mix and Match' and look the part with these cool designs of vacuum capsule flasks and coffee mugs! Perfect for school, uni, work, sport & leisure! Trendy and eco-friendly, totally recyclable, our durable double wall vacuum insulated construction means our flasks and coffee mugs will last years and not end-up in landfills like single use plastic cups.

Keep hydrated, keep yourself and our planet safe!
Product Code:  HCF-200 and HCF-500 range


New stainless steel water bottles with carabiner clip!

Keep safe and hydrated wherever you are with your own personal bottle! Trendy and fashionable, our double wall insulated stainless steel bottles will keep your drinks hot or cold for up to 6 to 8 hours. What’s more, they come with a handy carabiner clip to attach to a bag or rucksack!

The range is available in 2 sizes
Product Code: PVB300BP (0.3L) & PVB500BP (0.5L)

Lightweight single wall stainless steel versions of our popular Pioneer bottles now available in 2 sizes. Mix and match with our existing range of design-led and fashionable stainless steel bottles! Compatible with carabiner clip.

PSB600S (0.6L)

PSB400S (0.4L)


An exciting range of teapots, cafetieres and coffee canister!

Introducing an elegant and classic range of 18/10 stainless steel teapots in a polished mirror finish that will add elegance to any table settings! It has a hinged lid and is dishwasher safe. It also features a comfortable stay-cool hollow handle and a perfect pour spout.

The range is available in 4 sizes:
BUT-015 (15oz), BUT-024 (24oz), BUT-035 (35oz) and BUT-048 (48oz).

This eye-catching range of contemporary 18/10 stainless steel cafetieres, enhanced by a smooth polished mirror finish, is a design statement! Built to last, it features our innovative double wall insulation with a stainaless steel plunger and removable metal gauze. Ergonomic stay-cool hollow handle and a striking perfect pour spout finish the look.

The range is available in 3 sizes:
UFD-03M (3 cups), UFD-07M (6 cups), UFD-10M (8 cups).

Gorgeous airtight coffee canister, in a very attractive brushed stainless steel finish featuring an innovative one-way valve to guarantee your coffee stays fresh for longer. Comes with its own 1/8th measuring and serving coffee scoop too!

The airtight seal has a robust clasp locking mechanism and the canister features a very useful day-date dial which allows you to keep track of the date on which you saved your freshly ground coffee or coffee beans. Capacity: 500g. Product code: CC-500S

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'Sandringham' - A unique range of contemporary hammered effect 18/10 stainless steel teapots in a polished mirror finish, set to draw attention to any tables. The range is available in 3 sizes:

SDT-018 (18oz), SDT-035 (35oz), SDT-048 (48oz)

'Chatsworth' - A stylish and elegant range of 18/10 Stainless Steel teapots with design-led handles with a distinctive style set to impress. The range includes teapots available in 5 sizes and Coffee pots available in 3 sizes, complete with sugar bowl and milk jug.

Coffee Pots: CHC-012 (12oz), CHC-020 (20oz), CHC-032 (32oz)
Teapots: CHT-013 (13oz), CHT-018 (18oz), CHT-024 (24oz), CHT-035 (35oz), CHT-048 (48oz)
Milk jug: CHM-012 (12oz)
Sugar bowl: CHS-012 (12oz)
Introducing our new Cafe Ole 1.2L 'Shut Off' Infuser Tea Pot featuring a practical and user-friendly twist open/shut lid infuser basket, ideal for loose tea. The shut off lid allows you to tailor and control the strength of the tea to your exact taste - so it's always brewed to perfection!
Available in 3 colours:
Black TPSO-1200/BK, Red TPSO-1200/R, White TPSO-1200/W.
Cafe Ole 'Desire' - A classic and chic design cafetiere with a sleek 18/10 stainless steel jacket and heat resistant glass! It comes in 3 sizes and spare beakers are also available.

BVM-03S (3 cups), BVM-08S (6 cups), BVM-10S (8 cups)
Cafe Ole 'Style' - A sleek and urban look design cafetieres available in black or cream. Made of plastic and glass, with stylish and sturdy handle. It features a stainless steel plunger, and easy pour spout. Spare glass beakers are also available in this range.

Cream: VMP-03CR (3 cups), VMP-06CR (5 cups), VMP-10CR (8 cups)
Black: VMP-03F (3 cups), VMP-06F (5 cups), VMP-10F (8 cups)

From SAFE-D Knives Series to ceramic stones and accessories!

The new SAFE-D Series of rounded tip knives are designed to improve safety and lower the risk of injury from traditional pointed knives, whilst retaining the same sharp cutting blade you can expect from Rockingham Forge. Specially developed to promote safety in the kitchen with children in mind and those ‘on the move’!

The RF-508/6D 'SAFE D' Knives features a Deluxe, real wood knife block with a built-in pull-through sharpener to keep knives sharp. Its ergonomic black handles with classic riveted finish, balance traditional aesthetic with modern technology.

This set includes an 8” Chef’s knife, 8” carving knife, 8” bread knife, 5” utility knife and a 3.5” paring knife.

The RF-508 Series is also available as standard knives

Part of the Safe-D series, the RF618 Forrester Series is also specially developed to promote safety in the kitchen with children in mind and those ‘on the move’! The cutting edges are still very sharp but the tips are rounded off so there is less chance of causing accidental injury or harm.  It features a beautiful soft touch walnut wood-effect handles which provide excellent grip and stainless steel blades, with a black oxidised coating to reduce cutting friction. 

Available individually and as a 7pce Knife Block Set.

The set includes: 8" Chef's knife, 8" carving knife,  8" bread knife, 7" Santoku knife, 5" utility knife and a 3.5" paring knife.

The RF-618 Forrester Series is also available as standard knives!

Introducing the contemporary 'black' version of this popular range!

We have extended our popular ASHWOOD RANGE to include a 'sleek & chic' black version with riveted handles and the engraved ASHWOOD logo, beautifully presented in a contemporary matt black knife block.

The set includes an 8” Chef’s knife, 8” carving knife, 8” bread knife, 5” utility knife and a 4” paring knife.

NEW 7090 Series -  a great 6Pce Set that would suit any kitchen!
Featuring a classic riveted design, the RF-7090/6B 6Pce Knife Block Set from the 7090 Series, is a range of durable and high quality kitchen knives, with excellent entry level price point, like the Ashwood range. 

The set includes:  an 8" Chef's Knife, 8" Bread Knife, 8" Carving Knife, 5" Utility Knife and a 4" Paring Knife.
For aspiring professional Chefs, we have selected a range of affordable 10 Piece Chef's Knife Sets across 3 brands, in a convenient soft roll carry case:
 Equilibrium, FRF and RF Essentials

The Chef's knife case can also be purchased separately.

From single and combination stones, to carry case and sharpening kit!

Introducing a new range of ceramic stones from Rockingham Forge! Due to their composition, the surface of ceramic stones don't wear over time like whetstone do and therefore, they are long lasting, as effective and much cleaner to use than conventional corundum whetstones.

This new range of ceramic stones offer an array of various grits and combination stones to choose from, as well carry-cases, diamond levelling stone and handy sharpening box kit!

Combination Stones with Carry Case
Combination Stone Sharpening Kit
Ceramic Stones Accessories

New individual knives and sets to choose from!
New additions to our KASUMI 'Damascus' range of Japanese premium knives include: 

Individual knives
SM-82015 15cm Utility knife
SM-85021 21cm Sashimi knife
SM-85024 24cm Sashimi knife
SM-85027 27cm Sashimi knife

2 Piece Knife Sets
SM-20012 20cm Chef's knife / 12cm Utilitiy knife
SM-21813 18cm Santoku knife / 13cm Santoku knife

3 Piece Knife Sets
18cm Santoku knife / 15cm Utility knife / 8cm Paring knife
SM-320158 20cm Chef's knife / 15cm Utility knife / 8cm Paring knife
Tamahagane - San
New Kengata knife and Boxed Sets additions!
New additions include a new blade: the Kengata knife SN-1133, which features the classic tanto tip found on Japanese swords. These 'sword like' knives can come in various styles, from the thin yanagiba to the stout bunka - but otherwise still part of the Santoku family.
The narrow tip allows you to finely cut meat, fish and vegetables.

2Pce Boxed Set
SN-110609 18cm Chef's knife / 9cm Paring knife

3Pce Boxed Set
SN-115816 21cm Chef's knife / 16cm Nakiri knife / 12cm Paring knife

8Pce Chef Case Set
SN-CHEF/8 - 21cm Chef's knife / 24cm Slicer knife / 18cm Santoku knife / 16cm Boning knife / 9cm Paring knife / 7cm Peeling knife
Plus a Deluxe Knife Case
Tamahagane San - 2Pce & 3 Pce Boxed Sets
Tamahagane San - 8Pce Chef Case Set
Tamahagane - San Tsubame
New Kengata knife and Boxed Sets additions!
New additions to the Tamahagane San Tsubame range also includes a Kengata knife SNMH-1133 and a range of individual knives and boxed sets.

2Pce Boxed Set
SNMH-110609 18cm Chef's knife / 9cm Paring knife

3Pce Boxed Set
SNMH-115816 21cm Chef's knife / 16cm Nakiri knife / 12cm Paring knife

8Pce Chef Case Set
SNMH-CHEF/8 - 21cm Chef's knife / 24cm Slicer knife / 18cm Santoku knife / 16cm Boning knife / 9cm Paring knife / 7cm Peeling knife
Plus a Deluxe Knife Case

Individual knives
SNMH-1130 27cm Sashimi knife
SNMH-1131 24cm Sashimi knife
SNMH-1132 21cm Sashimi knife

SNK-1122 16cm Carving knife
SNM-1120 16cm Flexible boning knife
SNK-117/B Knife block
Tamahagane San Tsubame - Boxed Sets
Tamahagane - Bamboo
New Boxed Sets additions!
Nothing is more evocative of a Japanese and 'Oriental'  lifestyle than the Tamahagane Bamboo range with its delicately handcrafted bamboo style handles. Now available as a 2 & 3 Pce Sets.
Tamahagane - San Sakura
In celebration of Japanese Cherry Blossoms
This new range is inspired by the timeless beauty of the Japanese Cherry Blossoms, known as Sakura and features classic riveted black handles.
A desirable set of leather aprons and chef's knife leather cases
Introducing a beautifully handcrafted range of branded Rockingham Forge high quality brown leather aprons and knife cases. Made from 100% real Italian leather and handmade in Holland. Featuring adjustable contrasting leather straps, with vintage metal buckles and exquisitely riveted logo stamp leather patch.

This sought after 'vintage' leather accessories includes:

RF-4547/5 5 Pocket brown leather case 
RF-4587/10 10 Pocket brown leather case
RF-8260 Matching brown leather Apron 82 x 60cm 

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